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Staircase Decor Tips

Staircase decor is very important in a home and it can either make or break the space.

A well-decorated staircase should have a focal point that creates the first impression for guests, be welcoming to walk up and down, and easy on the eye.

Staircase decor tips

1. Focus on one focal point

It’s always tempting to have a different focal point on each step of the staircase but this can be visually over-done. Instead, it’s best to have one focal point on each step that sets off the next step. For example, on a large staircase, if all of the steps had a different theme, then the guests would appear confused about where the first stair is as there wouldn’t be any clues as to where it begins.

2. Step it up a notch

A staircase can be used to highlight what is going on below every step. For example, if you have a modern kitchen on the bottom floor of your home, add in a modern carpet that echoes what is going on below it. Or if you have hardwood floors below, then use the same design to make the staircase stand out.

3. Paint and wallpaper for aesthetics

Just because your staircase is made from wood that doesn’t mean that you should keep any paint or wallpaper designs simple or boring. Nowadays there are many different textures and colors that can be used to match the overall style of your home or business while still looking great while walking up and down stairs.

4. Add in a color scheme

If you already have hardwood floors, paint and wallpaper designs, then consider adding in a color scheme as it’s another way to make your staircase as attractive as is possible. This can be done with the same colors and textures used in the kitchen and other spaces below to create a cohesive look. You’ll want to make sure that these colors are applied in such a way that makes sense for your home and business. For example, different colors will work better for an office building than for a bedroom or living room if you have the same items in all of those areas.

5. Use flair

If you don’t necessarily have a modern or industrial feel to your staircase, then you might want to use a more flamboyant step design. For example, if you have a Victorian home, add in something flowery (cake toppers are another idea) and use an interesting pattern as this can make the staircase pop out.

6. Add in an accent rug

If your home already has wood floors but not carpet underfoot, then consider adding in an accent rug as it will add extra decorative value and give that little bit of flair to flood the space with color. If your business is trying to create a more polished and professional look, then opt for a lighter shade of those colors.

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