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5 Best Ways On How To Clean Tatami

When it comes to Japanese-style living, tatami is an integral part of the typical home. When you store or use your tatami mats for a long period, they will likely be stained with dirt or crumbs from food. To return your mats to their original fresh and clean state, there are five best ways how to clean tatami.

1. Reclean

Regularly clean your tatami mats by washing them with a rag and soap after each use. Do not use detergent because it can damage the fabric of your tatami. Lay down the tatami on the floor and carefully scrub it with your rag. When cleaning is finished, wrap up the rags so that they will not dry out but instead, be folded over to avoid tangling.

2. Trim Tatami Temples

If you are using thicker or denser mats, you will need to trim your mats periodically to make sure that they retain their square shape when resting on the floor. Trimming tatami will also make the mats easier to clean and maintain.

3. Lubricate Tatami With Oil

Lubricated tatami mats are easier to clean because you can use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment when cleaning the mats. When applying oil to the mat, be sure that you only apply the oil on the side that rests on the floor. You can use an oil-soaked rag or cotton swab to apply it to the mat while moving in circular motions.

4. Moisturize Tatami

The best way to make your tatami mats dry is by placing them outdoors on a drying rack. However, if you do not have an outdoor space, you can simply dry the tatami indoors by placing the mats on blankets and then summoning the heat of a fireplace. To help your tatami stay dry, make sure that they are placed away from windows and doors so that they do not be exposed to water droplets.

5. Dust Tatami For Long-Term Storage

After a long period has passed spent in storage, you must dust your tatami mats so that they are clean for use. Dusting your tatami before you use them to store food or bedding will not only make them clean but will also help to prevent the mats from becoming accidentally dirty.


As you can see, cleaning your tatami is not a problem. You only need to follow the best way how to clean tatami for it to stay in its best condition. When you follow these tips, your tatami will be clean and fresh as brand new.

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