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9 Decorative Wall Lamps and String Lights To Illuminate Your House

This article will give you 9 decorative wall & string lights that can also provide good lighting in your living space. Wall lights are mounted on your walls and their main purpose is to provide or improve illumination. They also create a pleasing atmosphere. For those who are not a fan of bulky and heavy wall lights, string lights can be an option.

1. Color Changing Waterfall String Lights

String lights are a crowd favorite. They can offer you a Christmas-like atmosphere. You can also set this to give you a starry night sky. When the bulbs are lit it resembles a waterfall with the lights glowing from the top down below.

2. Harry Potter Hedwig String Lights

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? This string light should be your decoration. The string lights are decorated with 8 owls and 20 bulbs. It gives off a magical vibe that is very enchanting. You can decorate this string light around your mirror or your wall.

3. Rainbow LED Light

Rainbows are colorful. They are also great to look at. Rainbows symbolize hope so it's such a wonderful view. These are LED lights and the rainbows are in pastel colors. It's warm and comfortable for the eyes.

4. Bat Halloween String Lights

Are you searching for a decoration for the upcoming Halloween? This is for you. The string light is decorated with black bats and light bulbs. There are 20 LED lights to give your space a spooky vibe. It also comes with a switch in the middle part.

5. PAC-MAN Ghost Chase Wall Light

What can complete your Pac-Man-themed bedroom? A wall light that is also PAC-MAN. This wall light has 5 PAC-MANs that light up in different colors. The light bulbs are also in neon colors so they are bright. This might only be decorative. It does not provide that much illumination for reading.

6. Floral Curtain String Light

This string light is also decorated with leaves and flowers. It adds more nature vibes to your room. When the bulbs light up it gives more color to the flowers making the string light look more beautiful. The string contains 50 bulbs.

7. Sconce with Wireless Charging Ledge and USB

This is quite extraordinary. The wall lamp comes with a charging station. Yes! You've read that right. The lamp offers a wireless charging station and a USB port. The cylindrical shade can also be rotated and focused for better lighting.

8. Sun Burst LED Wall Light

You've probably seen this already in your friends' room or at your neighbors. This is popular because it's simple and yet looks very stylish. The sun's rays offer a lighting system that can create a pleasing atmosphere inside your room.

9. Chrysanthemum String Lights

If you want your room to have a more vibrant and garden-like environment, this string light can give you that. It features white chrysanthemums around it and bulbs to provide more lighting to your room. The bulbs are placed in the middle of the flower creating more life-like chrysanthemums.

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