Top Tips To Help You Install A Bathroom Rack

Installing a bathroom rack is a relatively easy project that can give your bathroom a new look. However, it requires some knowledge and the ability to work with basic tools correctly. This article will provide you with top tips for installing your new rack, so get ready.

1) Buy The Right Size:

One of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for a bathroom rack is buying one that simply doesn’t fit their space properly. After you measure your space carefully, use this information to buy the right size at home or online (it’s always safer and cheaper online!).

2) Use A Template:

A template can be an invaluable asset when installing your bathroom rack. You’ll need to make some holes in your wall, and they don’t always come out as planned. Use a piece of paper or even cardboard to create a template that you can use again and again.

3) Measure Twice, Cut Once:

Before you get started, measure your space carefully, then measure it again. You’ll want to make sure everything is aligned properly before committing to permanent changes.

4) Use The Right Tools:

If you don’t have the right tools for the job, then it’s best to invest in them before installing your rack. Having the right tools means you’re less likely to slip up and make a mistake.

5) Use A Level:

Nothing looks worse than a crooked rack, so use your level often to make sure you’ve got everything straightened out. It’s especially important to check the legs and make sure they’re all in the same plane. If one is higher than the others, it can throw off your entire bathroom rack.

6) Use Plenty Of Fasteners:

A good rule of thumb is that if you think a fastener is necessary, use two! It’s common for people to overlook things like cabinet stoppers and even mounting plates when they feel they already have enough holding their bathroom rack in place.

7) Use Medium-duty Fasteners:

Medium-duty fasteners (like drywall anchors) are more than sufficient in most cases. So unless you’re installing your new rack in a special location, save yourself some time and money by using medium-duty anchors.


In conclusion, there are many do’s and don’ts to consider when installing a bathroom rack. But following these simple tips will make it easier and give you the peace of mind that your new rack won’t fall off the wall.

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