Tips When Buying A Dresser

A dresser includes one of the most critical purchases in a young woman’s life. When you make the wrong decision, it can lead to years worth of dissatisfaction and frustration. So learn some tips to help you purchase your first dresser without regret!


If you are looking for a new dresser, then you are probably aware of the different shapes that come with them. Dressers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. There will be times when you may have to go custom, this means that the dresser that you want is not going to be mass produced and will most likely be produced by craftspeople.

That is more expensive, as it requires custom building, but if it fits your budget, this may be worth looking at. If not, then looking at amazon or searching for pre-made options is going to be the way to go for you. There are tons of different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from!

Know the size of your space and the available space

The first thing most people think about when they are looking to buy a dresser is what the drawers need to be? Do they need to have specific dimensions? In all honestly, no, you do not necessarily have to have certain measurements, it’s just important to know what will work best in your home and for your lifestyle.

If your room is large enough, you may want something larger or bulkier such as a mid-century dresser, or something with ample storage options such as tons of drawers or many cabinets. On the other hand, if your space is smaller or you have less room to work with, you may want something a little more compact.

What do you want the top to look like?

This depends on you and your personal preferences, but different types of tops come with dressers. If you wish the dresser to be more masculine, then it may be best to go with an oak or rich mahogany finish, while if you want it to be more feminine, then choosing an antique white finish would probably work best for you. It is all preference, but it is lovely knowing what options will work in your home with which you will have the most success.


The better the warranty and return policy, the less stress there will be if something goes wrong. Some warranties are free lifetime warranties. Pay attention to return policies as well. Most offer an easy return option with no questions asked. You can always call customer service if you run into any issues, and they will send a replacement piece or parts.

So now you are hopefully armed with these tips and can make an informed decision. That will help ensure you walk away with a happy and satisfied new dresser.

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