7 Must-Have New Arrivals

1. Deep-Sleep Pillow

The ultimate companion for that much needed rest, New Arrivals presents the Deep Sleep Pillow that features the best attributes of a premium product. It provides a good balance between support and softness that one may want and need in pillows. You will definitely get that refreshing, deep sleep with Deep Sleep Pillow regardless of your preferred sleep position.

2. Deep-Sleep Pillow Cover

The perfect mate for the popular Deep-Sleep Pillow, this pillow casing features the trademarked Fresh-Face attribute. With its ultra smooth fabric, you will wake up with a no-frizz hair and no-marked face. Amazing, right?

3. Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

Going off to travel? Do not only travel in style but likewise in comfort and convenience. Take this highly popular neck pillow on your trips to help support and secure your neck and head while dosing off on your way to your destinations. No more neck strain, head nodding, or the like.

4. Ergonomic Foot Cushion

A definite must-have, this foot cushion would help with blood circulation and provide that much-needed relief on those tired feet. Use at home or at work to help ease the feet’s burden thus making you more productive. Want the best comfort? Get the Lumbar Pillow and Seat Cushion for that head-to-toe comfort at work and/or at home.

5. Car Seat Cushion

Enjoy a more comfortable ride with this ergonomic car seat cushion that can transform any car seat similar to that of a cozy sofa. It will help relieve the pressures of driving and travelling to one’s body so you can have a more relaxing trip. Whether you’re the driver and/or the passenger, this car seat cushion is a wonderful add-on.

6. TruFiber’s Comforter

Featuring TruFiber trademark, this amazing comforter is a great choice for anyone’s staple beddings. The fabric is ultra soft and filled with a special mix of medium and long length fibers that enables the user to get that breathability and comfort during sleep. In addition, it is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial so you don’t have to worry about skin problems and such issue

7. TruFiber’s Sheet Set

Complement your TruFiber Comforter with this sheet set which includes a pair of pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. Silky smooth and soft, these sheets would certainly make sleeping better. With its anti-wrinkle and anti-skin crease attributes, you can expect a fresh-looking self after your rest. The material likewise ensures that you can stay cool and warm, as needed, while you’re sleeping.

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